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Cooperative Research Farms (COOP)


CRF’s first swine research farm was organized in Illinois in 1959, which allowed the CRF members to venture into large-scale proprietary sow nutrition and management research. Now, Cooperative Research Farms’ sow nutrition research is conducted in a 600 sow breeding to wean facility owned by our member La Coop fédérée. This farm, located near Frampton, Quebec, Canada, utilizes a highly productive female line of genetics, early weaning, extensive management, and a strict biosecurity program. 100% of the research capacity is devoted to breeding herd nutrition and management trials. A sow research facility of this scale represents a significant investment, and clearly shows the commitment of the CRF members to their swine nutrition customers. The CRF organization has conducted 668 large scale swine trials over the years, leading to numerous innovations for the benefit of pork producers throughout the world.

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